KISS has posted on their official Facebook page that their longtime producer, Michael James Jackson, died of Covid-induced pneumonia. Paul Stanley also tweeted that he was heartbroken that his best friend had passed away.

Michael James Jackson has devoted his life to producing quality music for different bands over the years, such as KISS. The producer worked for the band’s numerous records, including ‘Killers,’ ‘The Creatures Of The Night,’ and ‘Lick It Up.’

They have worked with many producers since KISS has been in the music industry for almost five decades. However, they’ve had great success with numerous hit songs and albums throughout their careers, and Jackson is a big part of that success.

Unfortunately, the group’s recent Facebook post informed fans that Michael James Jackson had died from Covid-related pneumonia. They stated that over the years, he was a close friend of the group, and they mourn his loss.

Paul Stanley also tweeted that his best friend of 40 years passed away. He added that he was with him even in the most challenging times. He also stated that he was heartbroken by the news.

The band’s Facebook post follows:

Michael James Jackson has passed away from the complications of COVID-related pneumonia. He was the driving force behind ‘Killers,’ ‘Creatures Of The Night,’ ‘Lick It Up,’ and ‘Animalize.’ His passion and belief in the band were instrumental in our newfound success in the ’80s. He loved our fans and was a close member of the KISS family until the end. We mourn his loss and celebrate his life.”

Stanley’s words on the passing of Michael James Jackson:

“Michael James Jackson. My dearest and best friend for 40 years has died. His kindness and steadfast commitment to me and our friendship were a rock that supported me through the toughest times. He pushed me to start painting and reveled unselfishly in all my successes. Heartbroken”

You can see the tweet below.