The iconic KISS frontman Paul Stanley posted a tweet about his rarely-known participation in a famous Broadway musical, ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ and revealed the details of his performance 21 years ago on a Halloween night.

As you may recall, in the early 1970s, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons formed their band, Wicked Lester, and recorded one album, yet never released it. Later, they decided to form the ultimate rock band. In 1973, after Ace Frehley joined the group, they formed KISS which eventually became one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

However, Paul recently revealed his participation in a project involving the performance of a completely different music style. In his latest tweet, Stanley recalled the time he joined the cast of the famous Broadway musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ back in 1999. 21 years ago, KISS legend Paul Stanley played the lead role in the musical which had its final show on a Halloween night.

Previously, Stanley shared the details of his performance in ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ in his book titled ‘Face the Music: A Life Exposed‘ by stating:

“Things went so well that the theater bought out the contract of the actor poised to replace me and had me take the show to the finish line.

It was the hardest work I’ve ever done. Six hours a day. I went home every night slumped in the back of a taxi, exhausted emotionally and – because of the demands of singing a different way and the physicality of the role and the staging – physically.”

Here’s how Paul Stanley recalled his memories of the musical in his latest tweet:

21 years ago on Halloween 1999, The Phantom of the Opera closed its 10 year run in Toronto. With eight shows a week and nightly standing ovations, my contract was extended and I was honored to be the final Phantom. I never worked harder or felt more blessed.”

You can see the tweet Paul Stanley posted on his Twitter account below.