KISS frontman who is working with his side band named Soul Station for a while, Paul Stanley, has been interviewed by ‘The San Diego Union-Tribune’ this week and shared his thoughts about the upcoming album of the band and why he thinks that he’s not a rock singer.

The new Soul Station album named ‘Now And Then’ is now ready to be released and will feature a set of classic Motown covers & five original songs. The album is now available for pre-order as Vinyl, MP3, and Audio CD on Amazon and other streaming platforms and will be released on March 19, 2021.

In his latest interview with George Varga of The San Diego Union-Tribune, KISS legend Paul Stanley shares the details of embracing the love of vintage and recording something in the R&B and Soul genre.

As you may check out his statements right below, Paul states that he’s not a rock and roll singer, he’s a singer who loves rock and he does not expect the album to please every single listener of him.

Here are the statements of Paul Stanley:

“It doesn’t have to please everybody — that’s not the point at all. When I starred in (a 1999 touring Broadway production of) ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ some people asked me if I was reinventing myself. And I say the same thing now: ‘I’m not a rock singer. I’m a singer who loves rock.’ That’s a choice. I love doing it. But it’s not all I am or want to be.

Projects like Soul Station might be lumped in with what gets called ‘vanity projects but mine is a passion project. It’s (spotlighting) the music I grew up with that was really fundamental and foundational, in terms of where I came from. That music is at the core of my music.”

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