The iconic co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of KISS, Paul Stanley, reacted to the rumors which suggest he received a life coaching service from a man who is possibly trying to scam his fans for money.

Paul Stanley is famous all around the world as the co-founder and guitarist of the legendary rock band KISS. Being such a famous persona in the rock scene often leads to fake allegations, which is apparently what happened to Stanley.

Stanley is an active user of social media, and especially Twitter. Through his Twitter account, he shared his frustration towards the allegation that he was coached by someone. In his latest tweet, he revealed that it has recently come to his attention that someone named Kevin Richards has been answering questions about Paul Stanley on Quora, claiming that he has coached him.

Stanley found it vital to warn his fans and followers that he has never been coached by someone named Kevin Richards and said that he doesn’t know who he is and that ‘his entire story is BS.’

Paul Stanley also stated that the main reason why he wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention is that this person might be scamming people for cash by using Paul Stanley’s fame as a reference to his successful method of coaching. Claiming that he has coached someone as famous as Paul Stanley would give ‘Kevin Richards’ a lot of credit and could lead to the entrapment of fellow musicians in scams.

Stanley’s tweet reflected both his frustration and worry as he wanted to protect fellow musicians who might fall into the trap of a hoaxer, such as Kevin Richards if that’s his real name.

Here’s what Paul Stanley said in his tweet:

“Someone just showed me a guy on Quora named Kevin Richards answering questions who claims in detail to have ‘coached me!’ I don’t know who he is & his entire story is total BS. I’m bringing this to everyone’s attention in case this guy is scamming anyone for cash based on this.”

You can check out the tweet that Paul Stanley shared on his Twitter account below.