The co-founder and rhythm guitarist of KISS, Paul Stanley, recently posted an article on his Twitter account and expressed his sadness about the passing of the famous professional boxer and actor Marvelous Marvin Hagler and said that he left the world heartbroken.

Paul Stanley is one of the rockstars who are the most active on social media and he often enjoys using his Twitter account when he wants to announce his latest projects, share his views on social and political matters, pay tribute to the people who have inspired him, and respond to his fans’ questions or comments.

In his recent tweet, Paul Stanley shared the heartbreaking news about the passing of the 66 years old boxing legend Marvelous Marvin Hagler. He was the most famous boxer of the mid-’70s and ’80s and had achieved the highest knockout percentage of all undisputed middleweight champions and held the third-longest unified championship reign in boxing history.

In his tweet, Stanley expressed his sadness about the unexpected passing of the legendary boxer and said that although he ‘remained so classy,’ he definitely hurt deep inside because he wasn’t recognized during his lifetime ‘as one of the greatest.’ He bid farewell to Hagler by saying that he has always respected and was inspired by him.

Here’s what Paul Stanley said in his recent tweet:

“Oh No… Marvelous Marvin Hagler has died suddenly. He was a devastating warrior with a punch to match. Perhaps the greatest pound-for-pound fighter, he remained so classy while clearly hurt by a lack of recognition as one of THE GREATEST. I was in awe.”

You can check out Paul Stanley’s tweet below.