KISS co-founder and fronting member, Paul Stanley, was recently interviewed by Jim Norton and Sam Roberts of SiriusXM and talked about the future of KISS NFT and cryptocurrency.

You might know that some of the musicians and bands of the rock and heavy metal scene are selling their unique songs as non-fungible tokens in the auction. While his bandmate Gene Simmons is one of the most famous cryptocurrency investors of the industry, Paul was asked whether they have any plans on releasing an NFT song in the future.

In the interview, Paul stated that despite there is so much cryptocurrency out there, they have certain plans on diving into non-fungible tokens as a band. However, Paul also admitted he’s not sure about the cryptos right now.

Here is what KISS frontman said:

“Well, we certainly are on the edge of the diving board into NFTs. That’s obviously a natural, and we’re flexing our muscles just before we dive in. But that’s in the foreseeable future.

There’s so much cryptocurrency out there. NFT is almost an experience and possessing an experience. But cryptocurrency – there’s enough out there. And clearly, there are a few that are much more important and seem to dictate the direction of crypto. So I don’t know we can be better at that than they are.”

You can check out the interview below.