KISS frontman and also the co-founder of the band, Paul Stanley, was the latest interview guest of’s Gary Graff and talked about the decision of ending KISS and if they are planning to return to stages after the coronavirus outbreak ends.

You may already recall that KISS has made a recent announcement on their official Twitter account this week to share the news that they had to postpone the ‘Download Festival’ which was originally scheduled for 2021. According to the official statement, the festival will be made in June 2022 and fans can refund their ticket via Ticketmaster. However, the lineup is still the same: KISS, Iron Maiden and Biffy Clyro.

In his latest interview with Gary Graff, Paul Stanley talked about the ongoing concert postponements and why they have decided to end their live shows after finishing ‘The End Of The Roud’ tour. According to Paul, as soon as the outbreak ends, they will come back to the stages but KISS is not planning to return to the stages after that.

Here is what he said:

“Mortality and physicality and the finite nature of life makes you realize at some point there are certain things that can’t be done forever. And running around in eight-inch platform boots, wearing 30 or 40 pounds of gear is one of them.

So better that we acknowledge that and get a chance to spend one more evening with the people who have supported us. This is an opportunity for us to know that this is the last go-round and appreciate it together with the fans and as soon as the coast is clear, we’ll come back.”

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