KISS’ co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Paul Stanley, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and paid tribute to a world-famous R&B and soul musician who passed away unexpectedly while fans were waiting for her new solo album.

There is no doubt that Paul Stanley is one of the musicians who are the most active on social media and in specific, on Instagram and Twitter, and he uses his accounts as platforms where he can express his thoughts on social and political matters, talk about his latest projects, and pay his respects to unforgettable musicians.

As you may have heard, the United States lost a bright star on February 8, and her death was so unexpected that it left her family, fellow musicians, and fans heartbroken. Mary Wilson was best known as the founding member of The Supremes, the ’60s female singing group that paved the path for future African American soul and R&B musicians to achieve mainstream success.

Mary Wilson passed away in her sleep at the age of 76 on Monday and two days prior to her passing, she had announced that she’ll be releasing her new solo material before her birthday on March 6. Paul Stanley was shocked upon hearing this news and said that he had a Zoom call with her just some days ago and stated that he ‘never could have imagined this.’

Here’s what Paul Stanley said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“OMG! Mary Wilson of the Supremes has died suddenly. I was just on a Zoom call with her Wednesday for about an hour & never could have imagined this. So full of life & great stories. Absolutely shocked. Rest In Supreme Peace Mary.”

Click here to check out the photo that Paul Stanley posted on his Instagram account and you can listen to Mary Wilson performing The Supremes’s hit song ‘Someday We Will Be Together‘ below.