The co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of KISS, Paul Stanley, recently posted a video on his Twitter account and shared his feelings about 2021 while wishing his fans and followers a great year and thanking ‘everybody who’s doing their best to get us through this pandemic.’

Paul Stanley is without a doubt, one of the rockstars who are the most active and vocal on social media. Paul Stanley often enjoys using his Twitter account to share his views on social and political matters, announce KISS’s upcoming projects, and warn his fans about the pandemic that has brought the whole world to its knees.

As you may remember, KISS performed on New Year’s Eve, at the luxurious Atlantis Palm Hotel in Dubai. In the video, Paul Stanley said that he’s back home and that he’s tired but that he still wanted to share a message with his devoted fans. He wished everybody a happy new year and thanked the secret heroes who have been trying to do everything to get us through this pandemic.

In his hopeful message, Stanley said that he hopes 2020 has taught everyone ‘how important we are to each other’ and thanked his fans for supporting him during this difficult time and wished that he too has helped them in some way. Finally, he reminded his followers of the importance of wearing a mask to protect themselves and others and wished that we can all move forward together.

Here’s what Paul Stanley said in the video:

“I’m back home, tired. But I wanted to wish everybody a happy new year. We’ve all been through a lot. Some people have been inconvenienced, and some people have been devastated by COVID. So, with that in mind, I think most of us hopefully are realizing how important we are to each other. And you’ve all helped me, and I thank you for that and hopefully in some way, perhaps I’ve supported you.

With that in mind, I want to thank all the first responders, the scientists, the medical community, everybody who’s doing their best to get us through this pandemic. And I urge you, rather than citing old statistics, or studies or what have you… the word now is for sure, wear a mask. It helps prevent the spread of COVID and also social distance. It’s important. If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for the people around you. It’s a small concession, and it can do so much good. Thank you. Happy New Year, and let’s go forward together.”

You can check out Paul Stanley’s tweet below.