After experiencing several stage-related injuries throughout his career, KISS’ Paul Stanley tweeted about recovering from his latest surgery following a stage accident, and posted a tweet featuring a photo riding his bike.

The iconic rock and roll band KISS has presented their fans with the ultimate stage shows and unique music since their emergence in 1973. They have performed some relatively dangerous stage acts like playing with fire, jumping up and down in heavy costumes, spitting blood, and using smoking guitars.

They had the time of their lives for a long time, and currently, they are in motion to end their touring career. Gene Simmons had previously stated that they would like to end it while they’re all well and at the top of their game instead of forcing their physical abilities and getting hurt after the age of 70.

Almost two years ago, Paul Stanley had ripped his bicep tendon and had to go through surgery. He later got injured in his knees and had hip replacement surgeries as well. Recently he announced to his fans that he had to go through another shoulder-related surgery and posted a photo with a sling on his arm. Three weeks after that, Paul updated them that he self-prescribed riding a bike for 25 miles as a recovery aid.

Here is how he updated his fans:

Three weeks after shoulder surgery! Going nuts so, I prescribed the best medicine I know of, 25 miles on my bike.”

Although KISS is trying to get through their farewell tour, this doesn’t mean it’s the end for the band. Simmons had spoken about his arrangements for a KISS museum in Las Vegas where the visitors can have a chance to appreciate the band’s success and see items from their stunts throughout the years. According to him, KISS is a trademark instead of just a band that performs, and while its smart to retire from touring, he certainly doesn’t want their fans to miss them that much.

You can check out the tweet below.

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