The co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of KISS, Paul Stanley, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and revealed the rock-solid technique that parents can use to ensure that their children listen to their ideas and respect them.

As you know, Paul Stanley enjoys actively using his social media accounts and in specific his Twitter account. He uses it as a platform where he can express his views on social and political matters, announce his latest projects, interact with his fans, and sometimes even give them advice. In his recent tweet, Stanley revealed how parents can build strong relationships with their children, and as Stanley has four children of his own, he knows a thing or two about parenting.

In his recent Twitter post, he shared a video of a mother and two daughters dancing together and performing some Hip-Hop, House, Disco, and Dancehall steps which were taught to the daughters by their mother, and vice-versa. Their cute video of spending some quality time together apparently inspired Stanley who explained why this video is a perfect example of parenting.

Paul Stanley said that the secret of ensuring that children listen to their parents and respect their views is for the parents to do the same for their children. He advised his fans to listen to their children and communicate instead of trying to become a figure of authority because the two-sided interaction is what will enable children to understand why they should listen to their parents and respect them.

Here’s what Paul Stanley said in his tweet:

“Want your children to respect and listen to you? Listen to THEM!”

You can check out the video that Stanley posted on his Twitter account below.