KISS rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist Paul Stanley shared another post on his official Twitter page about the current political issues that have been going on in the United States and claimed that everyone should focus on the real enemy instead of turning each other for different opinions.

As many of you already know, Paul Stanley is highly active on his official Twitter account when it comes to speaking his mind and sharing his opinions about the current political environment. Furthermore, Stanley makes bold statements about political issues most of the time and draws attention from his fans about the subject all the time.

He recently opened up about the tragic incident that happened in Washington on Twitter and referred to those protestors as ‘terrorists’ and stated that what had happened was an armed insurrection in addition to calling the incident a ‘shame.’

Most recently, Paul Stanley shared another post on his official Twitter account conveying the message of how everybody should not allow themselves to not be fooled by the lies of those who started the whole incident. In addition to this, Stanley called out the Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Josh Hawley.

Here is what Paul Stanley said in his tweet:

“Don’t allow the political henchmen that fanned fatal flames to now distance themselves from the poisonous rhetoric, accusations & lies that could only have led us to where we now are. Their self-serving deceit is responsible for a divided nation & lives lost. Cruz, Rubio, Hawley.”

After the controversial statement, Paul Stanley shared another post on his official Twitter page and revealed that it is okay to not share the same views and opinions since different worldviews strengths Democracy and make it better. However, Stanley stated that their enemy should be those who turned them against each other in order to get what they want.

Here is what Stanley said:

“To All Those Who Don’t Share My Views… You are not my enemy. A democracy needs those differences to make it better & ultimately stronger. Friendship doesn’t need an agreement. Our enemy should be anyone who turns us against each other for their personal gain.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.