The frontman of rock legend KISS, Paul Stanley, has reacted to the recent message he got from a user on Twitter. As you can see below, Paul broke the quiet side of his personality for the first time and used an f-word to show how angry he was.

First of all, we have to go back two days ago to look at what happened on Twitter between Paul Stanley and Donald Trump. Here’s the story: KISS frontman has responded to Trump’s recent tweet about a conspiracy theory that a 75-year-old man whose head was cracked open by Buffalo law enforcement. You can reach the details of that incident here.

After that, Paul couldn’t resist the reactions of Trump supporters and deleted his tweet by sharing another one about why he removed it. He said:

”I have taken down my most recent tweet purely because I see it can never be the source of true conversation or exchange of views. Rather than incite a situation where there can be no real “back and forth” I hope everyone finds clarity for their views, lives morally and votes!“

A Twitter user named Anthony Johnson wrote to Paul:

“This self-appointed full-time motivational speaker role you’ve taken upon yourself is getting real pretentious. Just keep it real. You know, the reason why we all used to love and relate to you.”

Paul responded:

“Gonna ‘keep it real’ so you can ‘relate’ to me. Ready?… Fuck off.”

A fan named Nicole showed her support to Paul by saying:

“Paul, I’m surprised and totally happy that a reaction is finally coming from you! And also a great one! You just climbed in the right direction with me again!”

You can see the original tweet of Paul below.