KISS’ iconic frontman and a legendary guitarist, Paul Stanley has shared a really bizarre and rare photo of himself via his verified Twitter account.

Paul Stanley showed a really interesting costume of himself, and talked about a new possible outfit change for their iconic costumes.

Here’s what he said:

“WOW!!! I HAVE to say if that were accurate I’d wear a coat onstage.”

A fan named Kızzı commented:

“Talking of coats…… That black one you wore way back when, the long one with the feathers….

That’s awesome! Look.. having seen u in July, I don’t think you need to wear a coat onstage unless it’s outside and Wintertime!”

Another fan named Nicola said that:

“Honey, I´ll tell you a little secret: you are 67 years old, your arms are phenomenal and your butt is still very sexy… Who cares about a little belly?!!!”

You can see the photo right below.