Paul Stanley, the rhythm guitarist, and co-lead singer of the iconic band KISS shared a post on his official Twitter page about steroids and warned people on its side effects such as paranoia, agitation, and euphoria.

Paul Stanley is quite an active social media user, especially on Twitter. He often shares announcements of the new projects of KISS, interesting news with humorous comments, his political opinions, and spreads awareness about COVID-19.

This time Stanley shared a post on his official Twitter page about steroids. He talked about the dangerous side effects like paranoia and he stated that under the influence of steroids, one should not make decisions.

Here is what Stanley said about steroids:

“Anyone who has taken steroids such as dexamethasone in far smaller doses than the president is receiving (I have) will tell you that side effects include agitation, euphoria, paranoia, and on. It is DEFINITELY not a time for decisions or making an accurate assessment of situations.”

Stanley warned people about how they may act while they are taking steroids, yet fans noticed that his warning is more likely about Donald Trump than random information. Some fans stated that what Stanley said actually implies that The President perhaps experiencing side effects, and steroids are potentially coloring his decisions.

You can see the Twitter post below.