KISS’ iconic singer and guitarist Paul Stanley had a recent interview with Finnish Kaoos TV and revealed what he thinks about his future music career.

Paul Stanley asked what he thinks his next move will be. Paul said that he believed that there are lots of opportunities for everyone and when the time comes, he will decide what to do.

Here is his statement:

“I believe that more will come along that I don’t even know about yet. That’s what makes life fabulous. It’s like when you read a book or when you watch a TV series — you don’t know what the next episode is; you don’t know what the next chapter is. That’s what my life is like. Twenty years ago, did I think I would paint? No. Twenty-five years ago, did I think I would star in ‘Phantom Of The Opera’? No.”

He continued:

“Ten years ago, did I think I would write a book? No, but opportunities come up, and then you decide whether they’re interesting to you. We all have so many opportunities that we either don’t take a minute to consider or we think we’re too busy, but there are opportunities all around us.”

You can watch the whole interview right below.

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