KISS rhythm guitarist and co-founder Paul Stanley shared a post on his official Twitter page warning his haters about the insults and rude posts against him and revealed that they will be blocked and will not be missed.

As you may know, there are online trolls and haters as many as fans on social media. Mainly, they insult celebrities based on everything they can possibly find and spread hate with a smell of insecurity.

Nearly all celebrities have to deal with haters every day on their comments sections, however, since they are so many of them, most of the time fans don’t get to see the celebrities’ reactions.

This time, Paul Stanley shared a post on his official Twitter page dedicated only to those who insult him and share disrespectful posts about him. Stanley stated that all of his followers and fans are like the guests in his house while visiting his Twitter page therefore all opinions will be respected, except for rudeness and insults.

Moreover, in the ‘reminder’ he shared, the KISS icon warned the social media haters one more time and stated that in the case of the circumstances he mentioned, those people will be thrown out and will surely not be missed.

Here is what Stanley stated:

“A reminder. Here, you are a guest in my house. Even if you happen to be stupid you should have learned manners and how to behave when visiting someone.

I can respect many opinions but I don’t tolerate rudeness or insults. In either case, I’ll throw you out & you will not be missed.”

You can see the Twitter post below.