According to the latest reports of Rolling Stone, KISS’ legendary frontman and co-founder, Paul Stanley is about to make a really dangerous and astonishing project.

As you will read the statements of Paul below, he announced that they will make a very risky show under the sea with deadly sharks at Oceanside Show.

Here is what Paul said:

“Airbnb approached us with this idea that sounded, quite frankly, a little weird, but we’re used to being approached with things that are a little weird.

I’ve played a lot of land sharks. Now I finally get a chance to play for the ocean varieties.

Here is the rest of the story by Rolling Stone:

“The concert marks the launch of Airbnb Animal Experiences, where tourists can interact with animals in their own environment while following World Animal Protection guidelines.

At 6:30 am in Port Lincoln, Australia, eight guests will board a boat hosted by Matt Waller and shark expert Dr. Blake Chapman.”

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