The legendary fronting member of KISS, Paul Stanley made a recent statement about the late KISS member, Eric Carr, and shared his feelings after losing his best friend.

As Paul Stanley participated in the KISS Kruise Bedtime Stories event, some of the kids asked Paul Stanley’s good and bad memories of Eric Carr. You might read his statements that Paul stated that he still misses Eric.

Here is what Paul Stanley told to kids:

“Oh, a big question. Well, when somebody who’s close to you dies and passes away, it’s horrible. You always think about what you could have said, what you could have done.

It’s just a big loss to lose somebody. Nobody can ever take anybody else’s place. I miss him today. I was just talking about him yesterday.”

He continued his emotional statements:

“But maybe that’s how we keep people alive – by talking about them and thinking about them. When people die, we still have them in us, you know? Because we remember things they told us, and we remember things they may have said to encourage us or funny things they did.

So, in that way, people live on – they live on through us. So, yes I miss him but, you know, I have him in my life.”

You can watch the whole show below.

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