KISS lead singer Paul Stanley shared a photo of Frankenstein’s Monster wearing his iconic Starchild make-up on his Twitter account to express how COVID-19 made him feel. His way of describing his symptoms got different reactions from his fans.

As you may recall, KISS previously released a statement to announce that they had to postpone their concert in Pennsylvania after Paul Stanley’s COVID-19 diagnosis. After he tested positive for COVID, his bandmate Gene Simmons also got the disease.

Recently, Stanley stated that COVID kicked his ass and described what he has been through for the last few days. In his recent tweet, he highlighted that it was hard to define the symptoms as ‘mild’ and implied that he felt like he died and got resurrected.

After this tweet, some of his fans, primarily anti-vaxxers, used it as an opportunity to claim that the vaccine is useless by showing Stanley as an example. The others responded that he didn’t die or wasn’t hospitalized thanks to the vaccine. It seems like some fans regarded this tweet as one in support of anti-vaxxers, although Stanley has always advised his fans to get vaccinated.

Paul Stanley’s tweet read:

“They say I had mild Covid… I felt like this.”

A fan responded:

“So glad you feel better. I thought the vaccine was to protect you from COVID? If you can still get and spread covid while vaccinated, then why get the shot? It’s not gonna go away. Just look at the flu.”

Another fan added:

“It was light, so it was less bad because you’re vaccinated.

You can see the tweets below.