The official and verified Instagram account of the American rock band Pearl Jam posted a new video today and shared the video of the bassist Jeff Ament today and shared the details of his new project that he’s secretly working on for a while.

As you might already follow his career, Jeff is the primary songwriter and the co-founding member of Pearl Jam alongside Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, and Eddie Vedder. While he had numerous albums with Pearl Jam and other bands, he also released 3 different solo albums named ‘Tone,’ ‘While My Heart Beats,’ and ‘Heaven/Hell.’

In the caption of the post, Pearl Jam ‘regramed’ the video of the Oh-So Magazine that tells the story behind the women who are building their own global skateboarding community. According to the caption, Jeff was secretly helping that community for a long-time.

Here is what’s written in the caption:

“Jeff Ament has quietly been doing his thing—supporting the skateboarding scene and helping a truly diverse range of kids realize, ‘It is ok to be an individual.’

The Founder of Montana Pool Service and co-founder of Pearl Jam. Jeff let us in on his journey— Offering up many words of wisdom and insightful moments on what it takes to stay true to yourself and really think about how we can all do our part to guide each other.

So much of it is just not being afraid to be different. Not being afraid to try something, not being afraid to fall and fail over and over—that’s just something to subscribe to in life. Thank You, Jeff. Also, Huge Thank You, to Andrew Kemmis for all the help!”

You can watch the video below.