Jeff Ament, who is the bass guitarist of Pearl Jam, revealed his opinion about rock music during the recent appearance with ‘Alt Ctrl’ and explained why the rock will not die in the near future.

In the conversation, Jeff mentioned that the music industry is in a better place than it had ever been by saying that there are lots of fantastic music genres, and you can even do your own thing online right now.

Furthermore, Jeff responded to the people who claim rock music is dead and said that it is not true at all. Jeff explained it by saying that the young generation is learning their instruments differently, and they will create more unique songs that you will imagine.

Also, Jeff said that there are still angry and anxious people out there, and these kinds of people never going to disappear from the world instantly.  In this way, he proved that rock music will never die in the future.

Here is what Jeff Ament said:

“I think the actual music is in a better place than it’s ever been. There’s so much fantastic music. It’s different than it was a couple of years ago. It’s not like you’re going to the record store and talking to the record guy, but it’s going online, it’s talking to your friends.

A year ago, I saw this band Idles, and that just sent me on this incredible journey into Murder Capital and Fontaines D.C., and Shame and all those bands. I feel like that happens every three or four years for me where there’s a subculture happening somewhere that just gets you really excited about music again.

And it, honestly, it feels as exciting as when I first heard The Ramones or when I first heard Black Flag and Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat and all that East Coast hardcore, and even what was going on here in Seattle in the late ’80s.”


He continued:

“I mean, there’s incredible art being made all over the place. One of the great things about technology is you can usually find it really fast. You don’t have to order it.

Preoccupations, that’s another band that… They’re kind of one of the first ones where there was kind of this goth post-punk, super heavy. It’s like when people say, ‘Rock is dead.’

I’m like, ‘Man, go check this… because this is rock. This is as good rock music as has been on the planet in the last 20 years.’ There’s young people learning how to play their instruments in a different way than we learned how to play our instruments.

And there’s a lot of pissed off people, and there’s a lot of anxious people, and that’s just all a perfect brew for great music and great art. I mean the new Idles song, ‘Grounds,’ it’s the best song of the last three years or however long. It’s just like I couldn’t take it off repeat.”

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