Pearl Jam wanted to remember all the veterans during Veterans Day by sharing a picture of Eddie Vedder and one of the friends of the band, Tomas Young.

In the caption, the official Instagram account of Pearl Jam mentioned that Tomas was wounded and paralyzed during his service in Iraq, and he continued to honor his legacy through the Tomas Young Scholarship.

Furthermore, Pearl Jam pointed out that Tomas also is an activist and a great leader who shared the same ideology with the band and showed their gratitude on this honorable day for his service.

As you can see in the picture below, Eddie and Tomas were on the outside, and Eddie was sitting next to Tomas. They were both wearing white shirts and beige pants. In this way, the band honored all of the veterans, including their long-time friend, Tomas.

Here is the official statement from Pearl Jam:

“Today we remember our friend Tomas Young who was wounded and paralyzed while serving in Iraq before succumbing to his injuries 10 years later.

Despite his paralysis, Tomas became a great leader and activist and we continue to honor his legacy through the Tomas Young Scholarship.

As we reflect on his great sacrifice, and the sacrifices big and small our veterans are called to make on a daily basis, we are filled with gratitude for all of those serving our country.”

You can check out the post below.