The American rock band, Pearl Jam, recently shared a photo on their official Instagram account after the saddening death of the AIDS activist, Larry Kramer, to commemorate his passing.

Larry Kramer was a public health advocate, AIDS and LGBT rights activist, playwright, author, and film producer. He wrote the plays ‘Normal Heart’ and ‘The Destiny of Me.’

He became an influential figure of his time, especially during the AIDS crisis in the ’80s. He was the co-founder of ‘Gay Men’s Health Crisis’, the first gay men’s support group.

Larry Kramer was an Academy Award nominee in 1971 for his adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s novel ‘Women in Love.’ His best-selling novel ‘Faggots’ was published in 1977 and was very controversial. Larry Kramer died at the age of 84 due to pneumonia on May 27, 2020.

Pearl Jam shared an old photo of the band’s bassist, Jeff Ament, wearing a black t-shirt with ‘Silence=Death‘ written on it, highlighting the importance of speaking up. Also making a reference to the Covid-19 pandemic, Pearl Jam wrote:

“More relevant than ever.  RIP, Larry Kramer. 📸: @rosshalfin”

Pearl Jam fans were also very sad to hear Kramer’s death and left many comments.

Donna wrote:

“😢 So sad…this country is broken.”

A fan named tdez1 said:

“This why I’ll always love yall”

Another fan named pgh_grl said:

“From the Normal Heart to George Floyd, RIP Larry Kramer. You’d never sit this one out 🙌🏼🖤”

You can see the photo Pearl Jam shared below and click here to see the original Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Pearl Jam – Instagram Post