Pearl Jam icon Eddie Vedder‘s wife Jill announced the exciting news of their daughter Olivia’s new initiative on Instagram to inform people about important issues of environmental crisis by welcoming the experts on the issue.

Pearl Jam star Eddie Vedder‘s family has been showing their support on social and political issues, such as mental health and human rights often on social media platforms. Last week, Eddie’s wife Jill Vedder showed her support for the Soundgarden‘s late singer Chris Cornell‘s daughter Lilly and her thoughtful initiative to give information about mental health issues provided by the experts to honor her dad.

Recently, Jill Vedder shared the news of her daughter Olivia and her friend Lella’s new project on her Instagram account. Apparently, Olivia will be launching an initiative named ‘Let’s Talk‘ with her close friend consisted of IGTV series where they will welcome experts and activists to talk about important issues like climate change.

On the caption of her Instagram post, Jill Vedder mentioned how much she and Eddie were proud of their daughter‘s thoughtful act of using their voices to raise the awareness on important matters regarding the world we all live in. Jill urged her followers to take a look at her daughter’s project and follow the updates on ‘Let’s Talk‘ Instagram account.

Here’s what Jill Vedder stated on the caption of her recent post:

Ed and I are super excited for August 1st.  Olivia Vedder and her dear friend Lella Anders have been working hard for months and will launch the first episode of their IGTV series tackling topics that range from climate to voting and everything in between… Please follow their official account Let’s Talk Official as well as finding the episodes at Olivia Vedder.

First up this week’s climate, 🌲🌸🌍🐝🌳 so proud of these girls for using their voices to make a change and help educate others as well as themselves. What an excellent way to spend your summer girls!

You can see the post that Jill Vedder shared on her Instagram account below.