The gorgeous wife of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, Jill Vedder has shown her support to the anti-Trump movement, ‘Truth, Science & Facts Matter,’ while targeting the people who blindly follow Donal Trump and warning them to don’t be stupid.

As you know, the activist and vice chairman, Jill Vedder, has been displaying her stand against Trump with her social media posts. Criticizing Donald Trump’s polity, Jill has reacted to the decision of him to ban TikTok a few weeks ago.

Also, she has recently shared a reminder about how to vote and the importance of this action as the 2020 election coming closer. Reposting the statement of the organization, ‘When We All Vote,’ Jill led the way for her followers to make a voting plan.

On her latest post on Instagram, she has pointed out the significant movement, ‘Truth, Science & Facts Matter,’ that emerged after the Black Lives Matter. Against the people who claim the coronavirus is a hoax and Donald Trump’s polity, that has been criticized by many for the lack of truth, the movement has been praised by Jill Vedder.

She said by implying Donald Trump that it’s not okay to ignore these undeniable things and blindly follow people who don’t have your best interest. Jill also recommended for everyone to not be stupid.

Here is what Jill Vedder said in her recent Instagram post:

It’s not okay to ignore these things and blindly follow people who don’t have your best interest. Just saying,.. Don’t be stupid.”

You can see the post below.