The wife of Pearl Jam’s lead vocalist Eddie Vedder, Jill Vedder has shared some amazing pictures from the family trip in which Eddie Vedder appeared when singing to a chicken.

As you know, coronavirus has led to some changes within our daily life routines and lifestyles altogether. Instead of the city centers and crowded places, people started to spend more time in nature and appreciate the solitude it presents.

In the same manner, the Vedders have been creating some opportunities to go to the woods and enjoy the natural life for some time now. As we see in the recent Instagram posts of Jill Vedder, she and Eddie have begun to spare a big part of their time to go hiking, visiting the farms and climbing to the mountains with their children.

In the latest Instagram post, Jill has shared the pictures she took of her daughter in the alpaca barn along with Eddie Vedder who was singing and playing guitar to a chicken on that day. This amazingly hilarious moment of Eddie has been admired and loved by his fans so that it went viral on Instagram.

Here is what Jill said in her recent Instagram post:

“Back in the woods 🌲🌱🌍 and Harp gladly mucking the alpaca barn 🦙”

A fan named Marie said about the photo of Eddie that:

“I love that Ed is serenading that chicken.”

Another fan, whose name is Tininha, commented about that photo, as well:

“I just wanted to be that bird at that moment.”

You can see the post below.