The children of Pearl Jam’s lead vocalist and primary lyricist Eddie Vedder have displayed their talent on the video-sharing app TikTok as their mother, Jill Vedder, has criticized Trump’s decision to ban the platform in the US.

As you may recall, in the past weeks Donald Trump issued two executive orders aimed at banning TikTok and WeChat. He said that the US must take aggressive action against the China-based social media platforms for national security.

His decision required TikTok and WeChat to shut down in the US or find new owners within 45 days. It has been reported that Microsoft is in talks to purchase TikTok for billions.

The possibility of banning the phenomenon app in the states has annoyed the users of it. Among them, the Vedder family has stated their anger to Trump, as well. The wife of Eddie Vedder, Jill has shared a TikTok video their daughters took in the self-quarantine.

Through TikTok, two daughters of the couple look like they have found an entertaining activity to spend time in lockdown. Following the instructions in the song that plays, the girls put a great performance in the video.

Observing how their children have fun with TikTok in these boring times we are stuck at home, Jill Vedder said that if Donald Trump takes away the app, he will ruin these kids by calling him a butt head.

Here is what Jill Vedder said in her latest Instagram post:

If butt head takes away TikTok, he will ruin these kids..”

While Jill has shared the video, lots of the comments from the fans has reminded the ‘Redrum Scene‘ of one of the most astonishing movies of all times and Jill has responded to these comments by saying that:

“My best friend, mom of the other kid in the video keeps saying ‘RedRum RedRum.'”

You can see the post and that iconic scene right below.