Photo Credit: Shannon Watts - Twitter

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder‘s wife and activist Jill Vedder posted the photo of their daughter Harper on Instagram while dropping a ballot and responded to the comments warning them to wear their masks: ‘No mask needed, we got this.’

Since the beginning of the global outbreak of coronavirus, governments around the world brought the necessary regulations to protect their citizens. However, in some countries, including the United States, many people refuse to follow the measures, particularly wearing masks.

Although many celebrities and musicians have been trying to be the role models of society by wearing their masks and reminding their fans to do so, they also became the focus of criticism when they bend the rules even the slightest bit.

Recently on Instagram, Pearl Jam icon Eddie Vedder’s wife and activist Jill Vedder posted the photo of their 11-year-old daughter Harper while dropping a ballot to the ballot box. On the caption of her post, Jill mentioned the pleasure of voting and teaching our children the importance of taking an action.

Here’s what Jill Vedder stated on the caption of her recent post:

“And I can not forget to mention that our amazing day started like this #vote #teachyourchildrenwell

However, Jill’s Instagram followers were focused on another detail in the photo she posted. As you will see in the photo below, Jill and Eddie’s daughter Harper isn’t wearing a mask even though she is outside of her house. In the comment section of Jill’s post, she responded to the criticisms related to Harper not wearing a mask.

An Instagram follower nicknamed Rafs Mad wrote:

Where’s the face mask?

As a response to the comment, Jill Vedder stated:

There is not a single person around. No line. No people. No mask needed… We got this .. Don’t worry about us… been masking for 6 months already… we are pro at this point

You can see the photo Jill Vedder posted on her Instagram account below.