As you may already familiar with the news that the whole world is shaken with the murder of George Floyd, the protests in many states are getting more and more violent every hour.

While the social media community could not remain silent to the current status, Eddie Vedder’s wife, Jill Vedder, posted yet another sarcastic illustration on her official Instagram page and slammed U.S President Donald Trump once again.

Jill recalled the moment she posted that image for the first time and admitted that nothing has changed after two years while she’s criticizing Trump’s latest statements about Twitter.

Here is the caption:

“I posted this two years ago… Seems appropriate to share again. He will never learn, and as he is sitting there tweeting ‘fake news’ there are flash bombs and fires burning all around him.

We All Care. Why the F Don’t You ?? 💔😞💔”

An Instagram user named Jim Doherty made one of the most-liked comment:

“As someone you know has sung “And you got Sitting Bullshit as our sitting president.”

I surely cannot wait to hear that song live after 1/20/21 or sooner.”

Another social media user named ladvach wrote this:

“Hi, everything now will depend on black people. If the blacks turn against Trump, then Trump is done.”

You will check out the recent post of Jill below.