Pearl Jam’s iconic star Eddie Vedder’s wife and vice chairman at the EB Research Partnership, Jill Vedder, has shared a couple of photos of former United States President Barack Obama.

As the social media decides to celebrate Donald Trump’s birthday as ‘Barack Obama Day,’ the whole social media went crazy to share their respect and love for the former president of America.

Jill was one of the users who send the photos of Obama, while Trump is celebrating his 74th birthday. Here is the caption of the post she sent:

“I think this is one of the coolest photos of President Obama and the second is an oldie but goodie. Happy Obama Day! #obamadayjune14th

Pete Souza, this photo is what I was talking about:)”

Jill’s follower named Nikki shares her admiration to the Vedder family:

“So jealous that y’all know the Obamas. Not surprised though because both they and you and Ed seem like such kind people.”

The photographer of that rare photo named Pete Souza wrote this:

“This one was pre-presidency. I just posted one from January 2010.”

Here is these rare photos of Obama and the Vedder family: