The frontman of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder revealed his genuine opinion about the rivalry between Pearl Jam and Nirvana in the early ’90s, and especially Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain‘s statements about Vedder’s band during an interview with Howard Stern.

When it comes to music, fans and media love to see a rivalry between two musicians and bands at the top of their games since fans love to dedicate their loyalty to the best out of the two, and media benefits from the material come out of that competition.

One of the most famous rivalries between two iconic bands started more than two decades ago when Nirvana and Pearl Jam were two of the biggest bands in the country. As to how it all started, it is fair to assume that the reason was almost entirely from a handful of interviews that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain back when he referred to Pearl Jam as ‘careerists,’ and suggested they were only in it for the money.

While Cobain said negative things about Pearl Jam, in contrast, members of Pearl Jam never said anything negative publicly about Nirvana. Basically, the epic rivalry between the two most popular bands in Seattle started thanks to media boosting the flames with only Cobain’s statements about Pearl Jam.

Although Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder have been promoted as public enemies by media due to their band’s rivalry, Eddie Vedder has never properly opened up about how he feels when it comes to being in competition with Nirvana, at least not until now.

During a recent interview with Hovard Stern, Eddie Vedder revealed what he actually thought about the rivalry and stated that the huge success both bands had following the release of two iconic albums ‘Ten’ and ‘Nevermind’ was hard to handle thus Vedder approached the rivalry with understanding since he had been through the same things Cobain had.

Here is what Vedder said:

‘I probably could have agreed with some of the things he said. We had a little bit of a difficult relationship with that reality… and that made us a little vulnerable.

Later on, Vedder revealed the aspect of the rivalry that bothered him which was the fact that it was public and the press took advantage out of it by taking parts from interviews they found interesting and made it bigger and worse than it really was. Vedder also stated that it was their band against the world rather than a band versus another band because of the publicity.

Here is what Vedder said:

“The only thing that bothered me about that was because it was public, and people were reacting to it: it wasn’t like between us. There was a certain writer who pulled a quote of Jeff Ament’s out and pulled a quote of Kurt’s out, and that made for the interesting press. But really, I always felt like it us against the world, our town against the world, not our band against another band.”

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