Pearl Jam bass guitarist Jeff Ament spoke in a recent interview with Kyle Meredith and shared his opinion about the upcoming shows during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Following the outbreak, almost every single event was canceled last year. However, the vaccination process began in early 2021, and some countries are now allowing public gatherings and events.

However, there are some regulations that vary in each country. In some of the places, you need to prove that you are vaccinated in order to attend big public gatherings such as shows, concerts, or festivals. Also, most of them require to wear masks throughout the events.

In his recent conversation, Jeff confessed that he doesn’t want to do a tour with mandatory vaccination cards because it would be exhausting. Instead, he said that he hopes we will have turned the corner by late winter so that they can put 20 thousand people in the same place.

Furthermore, Jeff said that he hopes people will be smarter than now so that the world can overcome Covid-19 as well as its variants towards the end of this year, as it looks like we’ve come very far and we just need to just ‘turn a corner.’

Jeff Ament said:

“Hopefully this variant and whatever’s going on with the vaccinations and all that stuff, hopefully, we’ve turned a corner. It feels like we’re sort of still teetering on the edge of this thing. If we turn a corner, then hopefully we hit late winter, early spring with a tour, or a leg, at least. We’re jonesing to do it.

And most of the shows that we have to make up for — the two legs: the European leg and the U.S. leg — most of those shows, they’re indoors. I just don’t know if I wanna go out and do 30 shows where you’re checking vaccination cards.

Hopefully, we can be smart enough that, again, we can just turn a corner and, by March, we’re rocking and everybody can feel good about traveling and getting 20 thousand people into a space.”

You can check out the full interview below.