The official Instagram account of Pearl Jam posted the statement of the band’s guitarist Mike McCready demanding justice for the African American woman Breonna Taylor who was shot dead by police officers.

On March 13, 2020, Breonna Taylor, EMT and aspiring nurse, was sleeping in her house when cops burst in whereas serving a search warrant as a part of a drug investigation. The 26-year-old African American woman was fatally shot by Louisville Metro Police Department.

Six months after the shooting, a grand jury indicted only one of the officers involved in the shooting, Officer Brett Hankison, on three counts of wanton endangerment for endangering a neighbor with his shots. Many people gathered throughout the nation to protest the jury’s decision and demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

Recently, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready shared a statement via the official Instagram account of the band regarding the ongoing protests. In his statement, Mike claimed the charging of Taylor was ‘egregious‘ and it did not value the life of this young woman.

Furthermore, McCready mentioned even though he was not the supporter of ‘violent protests,’ it wasn’t his place to decide what is the proper way to react to racism and injustice as a white man.

Here’s what Mike McCready stated in his statement:

“The charging of Breonna Taylor is egregious and lacking in justice. Wanton endangerment charges the officer for the bullets that did not hit in Breonna Taylor and does not charge the officers for the bullets that took her life. This charge does not value her life and continues to validate the broken system that does not support those most in need, especially communities of color.

Although I do not agree with violent protests, I am a white person who benefits from racism and deciding what is an appropriate way for communities of color to react is not my place or the place of any other white person. What I believe my job as a white man is, is to be an ally to communities of color, work at being anti-racist, and listen to help affect change for communities most in need.”

However, Mike’s statement got the reaction of the Pearl Jam fans due to his discourse about being ‘a white man who benefits from racism.’

An Instagram follower nicknamed Gram stated:

“Wow Pearl Jam, you guys have reached a whole new level. Since you benefit from white racism Mike, please give your entire wealth to the black community as reparations instead of pandering in a meaningless insta post.

Another follower nicknamed Gymgrump commented:

“I’d like to know how exactly Mike benefits from racism. What a daft statement.”

A fan named Andy Middleton also wrote:

“That’s the most snowflake press release I’ve ever seen. I agree with banning no-knock warrants. I have no problem with pushing for justice. I do have a problem with anyone claiming that any racism ‘benefits’ them. Absolutely ridiculous. I expected better from you, Mike.”

You can see the statement Mike McCready posted on the official Instagram account of Pearl Jam below.

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