Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard talked about the songwriting process of the band and how he operates alongside Eddie Vedder during a recent appearance on Kerrang! Magazine.

In the talk, Stone revealed that he has been writing every song for Eddie because he is Stone’s muse. Also, he explained why he wouldn’t write over 50 songs in a year even though he is capable of doing it.

Stone pointed out that Eddie loves to feel the music as well as connecting with it while writing the songs, and he likes to be in the same process with you. However, this doesn’t happen frequently.

Because of that, Stone thinks that sending 30 songs to Eddie won’t work for them. In Stone’s words, Eddie’s brain can’t process so much information because of the way he’s learned to work.

Stone Gossard said:

“I write every song for Eddie, ultimately. He’s my muse. I would love to write 50 songs a year with him, but it’s just not on the cards; it just doesn’t work like that for him. When he’s in a writing process, it’s different than it is for me.

I can write all the time. The way Ed really operates, the way that he loves to get music, is for something that’s immediate for you coming in at a time when he’s ready to connect with it. He likes to be in the process with you. So, if I send him 30 ideas, it’s just too much information for him to manage; that’s just not how his brain works.”

Later in the conversation, Stone Gossard also talked about how the decision-making that happens within the band and revealed that it is actually like politicking where you say what’s the best for the band.