During a recent interview, The Who co-founder, leader, main songwriter, and guitarist Pete Townshend talked about whether they’re planning on recording a new album while drawing on how his creative process is affected by Roger Daltrey’s inputs.

Pete Townshend is one of the most well-known guitarists in the rock world and he has a long career that spans almost six decades. As you may recall, before Christmas, Townshend had said to the Rolling Stone that he ‘had an idea for a series of songs’ and stated that the band’s lead vocalist Daltrey had kind of liked the idea and was curious to hear the music.

Following that, Daltrey made some press comments which really confused Townshend as they were at odds with what he’d told him face to face. In his recent interview, the rockstar said that there isn’tany real prospect of a Who album devoloping’ before they manage to sit down with Daltrey and have a proper conversation.

He went on to say that he can’t just sit down and write a song however he feels like, as Roger is really picky and wants to sing only the songs that he believes in and ‘can get inside’ which means that Pete needs to ‘work as a tailor.’ Finally, Townshend said that another problem with making a new album is that Roger isn’t motivated as he didn’t make enough money out of the band’s last album ‘Who’ which was released in late 2019.

Here’s what Townshend said during the interview:

“I think we really need to have another proper conversation. Until we have that conversation, I don’t think there’s any real prospect of a Who album developing, because it’s all in my hands and I tend to do it, and then Roger comes along and sings the songs. I need to know I’m facilitating Roger’s needs as a singer.

There’s only two of us now and these days, he insists on having music to sing, which he believes in, completely and utterly, that he can get inside. Unless he can inhabit the story of the song, he can’t do a good job. And so it means that I have to, in a sense, work as a tailor. I’m not really that free to write whatever comes off the end of my tape machine.”

He went on to say:

“I don’t know whether there will be another Who album. It needs Roger to be on it. And I think he was even complaining that he didn’t make any money out of it. I was like, ‘Who does make money out of fuckin’ records anymore?'”

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