The well-known director of Lord Of The Rings and King Kong, Peter Jackson, was recently interviewed by GQ Magazine’s Dylan Jones and expressed the latest details about his upcoming Beatles docuseries named ‘The Beatles: Get Back.’

You might know that Peter Jackson is working on a ‘Let It Be‘ reboot ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ for many years. The project was announced on 30 January 2019 while the music scene was celebrating the anniversary of the Beatles’ rooftop concert, and the LOTR director is still editing over 50 hours of footage and more than 140 hours of audio records for more than three years.

The project was meant to be released on YouTube and Disney+ last year, however, last month, Disney+ announced that ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ will be released on 25, 26, and 27 November 2021 as three parts of docuseries.

In his latest interview with GQ Magazine, Peter was asked to answer many highly anticipated questions like whether Beatles members were involved in the docuseries as well as why Beatles fans would be surprised while watching the series. The iconic director stated that whenever he’s cut a three or four minutes sequence, he still sends it out to Paul McCartney, Sean Lennon, and Ringo Starr.

Here is what Jackson said in the interview:

“I think people will be surprised by the series for two reasons. One, it’ll be far more intimate than they imagined it to be, because everyone is used to seeing music documentaries being a bit kind of MTV-ish, sort of together in a poppy kind of way and it’s just the music, music, music, you know?

The music isn’t at the forefront of this film: weirdly, it’s what goes on behind the music at the forefront. I mean, even in the rooftop concert, we have the concept that we’re inter-cutting all the time to the street and to the policeman and everything else. So we’re not just sitting there on the concert for 45 minutes, we’re showing a whole narrative of what’s going on elsewhere during that period. And that’s really true of the whole series – it’s not a sequence of MTV video clips of them doing songs.”

Peter continued saying:

“There’s probably more conversations with The Beatles in the films than there is actual singing. People won’t be expecting that, I think, that sort of intimacy, that fly-on-the-wall aspect of it, where you’re in a time machine and you’ve gone back and you’re a fly on the wall with The Beatles. That will, I think, surprise people, because it is very intimate.

It’s The Beatles as you’ve never seen them before. And the other thing that I think will surprise people is how funny the films are, which, considering the reputation of this footage and the Let It Be movie, you don’t associate with January 1969, but they’re very funny films.”

You can watch the sneak peek of the docuseries right below.