Pantera icon Phil Anselmo recently joined a conversation with Revolver and mentioned how he was impressed by the Mercyful Fate EP he bought when he was a kid.

Mercyful Fate has been an impressive band in the music scene as they influenced the direction of rock music. After they were formed as a progressive and hard rock band in the early ’80s, they became a part of the first wave of black metal. Besides impactful names like Metallica, Exodus, and Testament, Mercyful Fate also affected the heavy metal scene in the ’80s and ’90s.

The band’s self-titled EP, also known as ‘Nuns Have No Fun,’ came out in 1982 and gained success by bringing innovation to the heavy metal with distinctive sounds. Both the musicians and the audience have mentioned this album as too peerless to be replicated.

In a recent conversation, Phil Anselmo recalled buying Mercyful Fate’s album when he was a child. The rocker revealed that he met with the band when he chose the album by looking at its cover. As Anselmo stated, he spent all of his money to buy the EP without knowing them.

While remembering his first encounter with the metal band, Phil Anselmo said:

“You come from the school of having to actually get in a vehicle, travel through this place, immerse yourself in the store and look through all the cool sh*t, especially the heavy metal imports. The only money you have a lot of times just by judging, ‘Is this record cooler looking than this record? I have no idea.’ That’s how I found Mercyful Fate. I bought their first EP. It was freaking expensive for me for an EP. I was just a weird shrimp of a kid, and I bought it.”

Anselmo declared that the Mercyful Fate album he first bought was the EP when the interviewer asked which one he had. The vocalist mentioned that the record was excellent with memorable songs like ‘A Corpse Without Soul,’ ‘Doomed By The Living Dead,’ and ‘Devil Eyes.’ Anselmo was very excited in the interview, sharing his memory of having the first Mercyful Fate album that introduced him to the metal world.

When asked which Mercyful Fate album he bought, Anselmo explained:

“First one, EP. Some people call it ‘Nuns Have No Fun,’ but it’s just Mercyful Fate is the truth of it. What a tripped out the record; ‘A Corpse Without Soul,’ ‘Doomed By The Living Dead,’ ‘Devil Eyes.’ What a record!”

You can watch the entire conversation below.