Former Pantera frontman and also vocalist, Phil Anselmo, made a new interview with the official YouTube channel of Revolver this week and revealed his least favorite Pantera songs and albums of all time.

As you might already know, Phil is one of the most-known vocalists of the era and also the owner of the famous recording company named Housecore Records. While he’s working with Superjoint Ritual, Pantera and Down, he also released two solo albums named ‘Walk Through Exits Only’ and ‘Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue.’ 

In his latest interview with Revolver, Phil ranked Pantera’s six albums and LP’s named ‘Cowboys From Hell,’ ‘Vulgar Display of Power,’ ‘Far Beyond Driven,’ ‘The Great Southern Trendkill’ and ‘Reinventing the Steel’ from best to worst and his rankings will surprise all Pantera fans.

Here is what Anselmo said:

“Man, the only record I had a tough time doing the sequencing for was the last record, ‘Reinventing the Steel.‘ It was almost like any one of those songs could have opened up the record or closed the record – it was tough.

And maybe for that reason alone maybe I’ll say, I’ll go with... Oh, this is tough, man. But ‘Reinventing the Steel’ [is the best one]… Then I’ll go with [1994’s] ‘Far Beyond Driven’…

Then let’s go with [1992’s] ‘Vulgar Display of Power,’ then [1996’s] ‘The Great Southern Trendkill,’ [1990’s] ‘Cowboys From Hell,’ and ‘Power Metal.’ Let’s just go like that.

‘Power Metal,’ yeah, it was the first one I did, 1988. Yeah, ‘Come here stand in this room! Sing!’ It’s like, ‘Where am I…?’ ‘Here! Write some heavy metal lyrics for this!’ ‘Oh, Jesus, alright…'”

You can watch the video below.

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