Although Pantera disbanded almost 20 years ago, their songs and influence continue to bring attention to the band. Recently, its vocalist Phil Anselmo recalled the time they wrote the song ‘Mouth for War’ for their ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ album and revealed the late Dimebag Darrell’s reaction to the riff.

Pantera was formed in 1981 and became known as the developer of the groove metal subgenre. Their name is one of the most powerful in the metal genre in general, and even though they disbanded in 2003, they are never forgotten.

A year after their disbandment, an angry Pantera fan shot and killed their acclaimed guitarist Dimebag Darrell while he was on stage. Even though the band was not planning to go on anymore, it was a huge shock and disappointment for Pantera members. However, he has never been forgotten, and the remaining band members make sure to mention him and his talents at any chance possible.

Most recently, Phil Anselmo spoke about their 1992 song ‘Mouth for War’ and the memorable process of creating it with Pantera. The song is about productivity and channeling your hate into doing something productive. It’s their first single on the ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ album and became one of the band’s most commercially successful songs.

Anselmo briefly described the creative process and talked about how much Dimebag loved the riff he created. It was a proud moment for Anselmo as they created the song together as a band and knew it was good. When Dimebag adapted the riff and made it his own, it became even better than it was.

Here is what Anselmo said about Dimebag hearing the song:

“When we wrote ‘Mouth For War,’ I wrote the main riff, and Dimebag liked it. And it sounded about a thousand times better when he played it. And he made it his own. And everybody — God — they put that song together; we put that song together. I think we knew we had written a pretty good song, that one. And I think the video for its time was unique to look at, groundbreaking, sort of, action-packed, shit like that — so very ’90s-band-like.”

You can watch him talk about ‘Mouth for War’ below.