Pantera singer Phil Anselmo recalled the first time they rehearsed their famous song ‘Becoming’ during a recent appearance on Revolver.

‘Becoming’ is the fifth single of Pantera’s iconic album, ‘Far Beyond Driven.’ The song and the album were both released back in 1994, alongside the most famous tracks of the band, ‘I’m Broken’ and ‘5 Minutes Alone.’

In the conversation, Phil talked about the time when they were playing ‘Becoming’ in the studio and mentioned the intense drumbeat that Vinnie Paul came up with, following  Dimebah Darell’s iconic guitar riff.

As Phil said, when Vinnie started to play his drum parts, everybody stopped playing, even Dimebag, because it sounded and felt amazing, and they all wanted to hear the rhythm all over again.

Furthermore, Phil also wanted to praise Vinnie’s talents as a drummer by saying that there is no one better than him and stressed that even though he has worked with a lot of drummers, Vinnie is the most innovative and unique drummer he ever came across.

Phil Anselmo recalled their performance of ‘Becoming’ as follows:

“Dime had the riff, but when Vince came up with the drumbeat, that’s when I… I mean, what do you say to that?

I was like, ‘Yes. Keep doing it over and over and over. It’s fucking awesome!’ So, yeah, man, that was a great moment. That was incredible. When Vince fell in with the drumbeat, all of us – even Dimebag stopped playing, it was so impressive.

Yeah, man, Vince’s unique feet on that damn song. So unique. So interesting. So innovative. The dude was a fucking tight and incredible fucking player – literally the best drummer I’ve ever played with, and I’ve played with fucking great drummers, man, blessed with great drummers.

But Vince is – no one’s better than Vince, no way. Vince had his strong points and strong suits, but, man, talk about adaptability too.”

You can listen to the full interview and the song below.