Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo was interviewed by Revolver and talked about one of his favorites from an iconic album of theirs. He named the song that became a template for the new metal bands.

Pantera released their sixth studio album entitled ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ on February 25, 1992, and it received very positive reviews from music critics and metalheads worldwide with its lyrics and sounds. The record became the best-selling and most famous work that they created.

In addition, according to many of them, it’s the band’s best album, so its tracks became their most-known works even though their fans are still arguing about which one was better, ‘Mouth for War,’ ‘A New Level,’ or Hollow.’ One thing is for sure it’s a groundbreaking album for the genre.

It seems that Anselmo agreed with the fans at a point. The singer stated that ‘Hollow’ turned into a template for the next generation bands. Different critics can also approve of that, considering the bands like Korn, Lamb Of God, and Five Finger Death Punch, who called Pantera their biggest influences.

Here’s what Anselmo said:

“There’re moments on the record like the end of ‘Hollow.’ In my opinion, it set a template for a whole lot of bands in the future, and for us, I just feel like it was a pretty natural feeling to write the song.”

You can check out the interview and song below.