Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo spoke to Revolver’s Jimmy Hubbard. He talked about a classic Pantera record that the late guitarist Dimebag Darrell showed his unique talent once again, along with his unmatchable grip.

Pantera released their sixth studio album entitled ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ on February 25, 1992. It received very positive reviews from fans and music critics and became the band’s highest-selling album back then. Its tracks ‘Mouth for War,’ ‘A New Level,’ and ‘Walk’ became very popular among their fans.

In addition, Phil Anselmo shared his thoughts and particular details about the album to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The singer stated that Darrell’s riffs and sounds for ‘Mouth for War’ were incredible compared to Anselmo’s beginning. Then, he drew attention to the late guitarist’s being an exceptional instrumentalist.

The Pantera lead singer stated that the new generation guitar players don’t have a controlled grip as Darrell always had. He revealed that the guitarist never lost his control which he described as ‘unparalleled’ during their live performances even while looking at the audience.

Anselmo said in his interview that:

“Dime, man, Dimebag. His grip on the neck is unparalleled, man. I don’t see it much when I look at the greatest guitar players, contemporary guitar players of our time. I don’t see that complete controlled grip. He’s looking out in the audience and still has their motherf’cking grip going on.

Put it this way – I wrote the little beginning to ‘Mouth for War.’ Mine was (mimicks thin guitar sound). I handed that shit over to Dimebag. It was like: ‘Damn, how does he do that?’ He gets a different tone out of his hands. It’s insane.”

You can watch the interview below.