Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell spoke in a recent interview with Rockin’ Metal Revival and revealed that he dealt with hearing problems during the shows.

As you might already know, hearing loss is one of the biggest problems that musicians face nowadays, and the latest star that faced such a problem is AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, who had to forfeit from touring in the past.

In the conversation, Phil Campbell also admitted that he had issues with hearing during the Motörhead events due to the insanely loud concerts and revealed the reason why it happened.

Although most of the musicians would have ear protection during the live shows, Phil never wears those. He mentioned the time he tried them and stated that he wasn’t getting the vibe while putting these things on and distracted them immediately.

Here is what Phil Campbell said:

“Yeah, we didn’t bother with that. I think I tried those ear things for about half a tour, I wasn’t getting the electricity to vibe through, so I quickly discarded them. But now we got off the road, I had to invest in a high-end hearing aid, but the thing is – I never wear it.

But I went to the audiologist – this is a true story of two years ago – so basically he does all these tests, and he said, ‘Well, a regular kind of average person’s hearing would be on this certain chart.’

I don’t know what it was, plus 20 – and mine was minus 70. So, whatever, make what you will of that. It was profound hearing loss.”

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