Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell recently responded to the accusations on Twitter about Lemmy Kilmister being a Nazi sympathizer.

Lemmy Kilmister, an important figure in the rock scene, primarily as the lead singer of Motörhead, was also known for his historical collections. He reflected his interest in history on his stage style by wearing military-influenced clothes and hats.

The musician was interested in collecting World War II-related stuff in his two-room apartment. Due to numerous collectibles associated Nazi World War II at his apartment, some speculations emerged about him being a racist.

However, Lemmy responded in an interview with Billboard to the accusations by saying he was only collecting the stuff, not the ideologies. The rocker stated that he had a lot of friends from different ethnicities, and he was not racist at all.

About his collection, Lemmy Kilmister said in his words:

“Let’s face it; it isn’t skinheads and sh*t collecting this stuff. It’s too expensive. This is doctors and lawyers collecting it. And I didn’t collect any of the ideology, believe me. I’ve got friends of all colors and religious persuasions. I ain’t got a racist bone in my body.”

Recently, when a Twitter user mentioned Lemmy’s Nazi tendencies, Phil Campbell defended his late bandmate. Campbell stated that Lemmy was just a historian interested in collecting stuff. As the rocker revealed, Lemmy did not have Nazi tendencies.

Phil Campbell responded to the accusation:

“Fyi, Lemmy did not have any Nazi tendencies. He was a historian.”

Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom also defended the late vocalist by mentioning Campbell was right about Lemmy. Then Campbell thanked Slim Jim and pointed out that those close to Kilmister should have known the truth about this matter.

After Stray Cats’ drummer’s tweet, Phil Campbell said:

“Thanks, Jim, we should know.”

You can see the tweets below.