In a recent conversation with Guitar World, Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen revealed how he worked hard to play with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci in 2018’s G3 Tour.

Joe Satriani worked as a guitar teacher at the beginning of his music career. He contributed to the fame of many well-known guitarists. Steve Vai is the best example, as he improved his guitar skills with Satriani when he was a teenager.

Satriani toured with lots of impactful names and enhanced his playing on stage. He worked as a lead guitarist in Mick Jagger’s solo tour in 1988. Satriani also replaced guitarist Ritchie Blackmore on Deep Purple’s tour.

In 1995, Joe Satriani initiated the ‘G3 Tour‘ and hit the road with other significant players. The first one in 1996 included Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, and guest musicians such as Neal Schon and Gary Hoey. The last G3 tour was in 2018, including Dream Theatre’s John Petrucci, Def Leppard’s Phil Collen, Scorpions’ former guitarist Uli Jon Roth, and Joe Satriani.

Phil Collen revealed in a recent interview that the G3 Tour encouraged him to push his limits in guitar playing. During the rehearsal of ‘Highway Star,’ he realized that Satriani and Petrucci were so excellent at playing that he had to work harder not to get left by them, as Collen stated.

Collen explained in his words:

“We were doing ‘Highway Star,’ and from the first rehearsal, I was like ‘F*ck, I’m gonna have to practice a lot more because I’m just gonna get left behind by these guys.'”

In the same interview, Collen mentioned how Satriani and Petrucci were supportive while practicing. The rocker recalled John Petrucci’s encouragement and stated that the tour was an excellent opportunity to improve himself by getting help from these notable guitarists.

The guitarist added:

“They’re just so far over the top. John goes, ‘Well, if I do this harmony, Phil, you can do this.’ It was further than I’d ever stretched on anything I’d ever done! I love that idea of someone giving you a helping hand and pushing you at the same time.”

The G3 Tour brought a chance for many influential guitarists to share the same stage. Although they have already been very triumphant in what they have done, thanks to this organization, the guitarists had an experience and improved themselves as Phil Collen did.