In an interview with Metal Casino, new tour guitarist of Slayer, Phil Demmel has revealed the story of how he was inspired by Slayer when he founded Vio-lence.

Here’s the statement:

“Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the first Slayer record coming out… And I saw them back in 1983, one of their first shows up in the Bay Area.

They were the reason why I play heavy music, and so to be able to… I’ve got goosebumps right now just thinking about it. Just thinking about jamming with Tom And Paul’s been my buddy from Forbidden up there.

And with Kerry, that intro starts and I’m just fucking so… It’s Slayer -legendary band; one of my favorites. I couldn’t even dream [of something like this happening]. It’s beyond my wildest dreams.”

Former Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel has joined to the band instead of guitarist Gary Holt.

As we reported, Gary was forced to leave the band’s ongoing European tour due to a family emergency.

You can watch the entire interview from below.