AC/DC’s former drummer Phil Rudd was kicked from the band because of drugs and other bad reasons. Instead of Phil, Chris Slade sat in the drummer’s seat on AC/DC’s Rock or Bust tour.

Phil Rudd is currently concentrating on his own solo album project. In the past days, he released his new single song “Head Job”. Listen the song from below.

Phil is hoping to go back to AC/DC. In an interview with Belfast Telegraph, he expressed this wish, and said:

“I’d dearly love to play on anything that Angus does. Anything that might be – it’s never over.

I have great stories with all the guys from AC/DC. We’ve gone through a lot together. Done a lot together, done a lot of damage together.

I have great memories with AC/DC. Even though some of us might not be very well, we’re not dead yet. I feel 17, I’ve never been fitter. My blood flow is unlike anything I’ve ever known.”

We are wondering how AC/DC will respond to this request. Chris Slade is still in the group and it is not possible to exclude him from the band.