Former Skid Row drummer Phil Varone joined an interview with Sofa King Cool Magazine in which he targeted Sebastian Bach and claimed that the band spent quite a lot of money to keep him away from legal troubles.

Apart from playing drums with Skid Row between the years 2000 and 2004, Phil Varone pursued a career in acting and stand-up comedy. Besides, he also appeared in several adult movies and went to rehab for sex addiction.

Back in December 2010, Varone appeared on Playgirl magazine’s cover and centerfold to promote the launch of the Sex Stand Up Rock And Roll Show tour in the U.S. Upon seeing this, former Skid Row frontman Bach posted a tweet about the news.

In a now-inaccessible tweet, Bach stated that this is the proof that the name Skid Row has completely lost its all credibility, coolness, and accuracy, and is now devoid of all meaning in every way. In a recent interview with Sofa King Cool Magazine, Varone responded to these remarks.

Phil Varone stated that he knew Sebastian Bach even before he joined Skid Row, so he didn’t understand why he said such a thing. He then remembered the things Bach did during his tenure in Skid Row.

Varone stated that Skid Row paid thousands of dollars to keep Bach out of jail after he wore a controversial t-shirt that said ‘AIDS Kills F**s Dead’ and threw a bottle into a crowd that almost killed a girl. The drummer then implied Bach’s remarks are meaningless considering these incidents.

In the interview with Sofa King Cool Magazine, Phil Varone said the following:

“Baz is very ironic. I’ve known him for… I knew those guys 10 years before I joined the band. I mean, they were friends of mine. Before I joined the band, I knew Sebastian. And I never really understood why he said anything.

This is a guy who wore a shirt that said ‘AIDS Kills F**s Dead’. This is a guy that threw a bottle into a crowd and almost killed a girl. And the band had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep his ass out of jail and pay all these things in medical. And he’s talking about me on Playgirl?

He’s in a war with himself, ’cause I’ve got nothing to say. The guy was a tremendous rock star — legendary — and he’s always gonna be that way. And I just don’t understand at what point the people go the extra mile to say anything when it’s, like, ‘Dude, you already have the gig. Just shut up. People like you already. Don’t ruin it.’ ‘Cause people like him, he can just talk himself into a hole.”

Back in 1991, Sebastian Bach wore a T-shirt reading ‘AIDS Kills F**s Dead’ during a performance of Skid Row. When it created controversy, Bach later claimed that he wore it without reading, and it was thrown to him by a fan.