British progressive rock legend, Pink Floyd, has shared a new message on Twitter to drew attention to their official Youtube Channel by pointing one of the most iconic performances of them, ‘PULSE.’

In the announcement, the band said that singer and guitarist David Gilmour’s Pompei and band’s PULSE performances are available on their Youtube channel to watch for free. Unfortunately, after that weekend, the official account will delete the video from YouTube.

Here’s the official announcement:

“This weekend is the final opportunity to watch Floyd’s 1970 KQED appearance, and PULSE, and David Gilmour’s Live At Pompeii, available until 5 pm UK on Sunday as part of the Youtube Film Festival. We’ve High Hopes that you’ve enjoyed these selections!”

A fan on Twitter asked a most curious question about the videos on Youtube and said:

“Why are yall deleting the videos?”

Another fan responded:

“It’d be unfair for the people that bought the box sets that include these shows if they’d leave them for free.”

Check out the official announcement below. Click here to reach the official Youtube channel of Pink Floyd.

You can watch the re-edited edition of PULSE performance’s live video below.